Sounds like Friday



Stockholm-based Swedish duo Sounds like Friday creates alternative pop/rock with elements of experimentalism. Roger Bergström and Maria Grönlund define themselves as happy genre anarchists, with backgrounds in avantgarde art music, gospel, rock, classical, fusion, jazz, funk, singer songwriter and pop.


”In the process of learning how to produce my own songs I felt my biggest challenge was in making the beats and drum parts. I had been searching and trying different collaborators for a while, when it showed that the right person had been right before my eyes all the time without me realizing it”, vocalist, pianist and songwriter Maria Grönlund says.


Good friends from the education at Royal College of Music, Roger Bergström and Maria had been on quite different tracks in their musical careers since they finished school. She had specialized in teaching music, and he had been recruited to the prestigious percussion ensemble Kroumata before he even graduated. Kroumata worked in the field of avantgarde art music and toured the world, representing Sweden on state visits together with the king and queen of Sweden and winning prestigious prizes. The LA Times wrote that they were ”The world’s best percussion group” and San Fransisco Chronicle named them a ”Sonic Blockbuster”.


On a party Roger and Maria began talking about her recent successes in songwriting competitions and how she was building her own studio and developing her music production skills. It showed Roger missed playing rock and pop, which was what he once started out with, and felt he wanted to expand in genres and start composing too.


”Knowing about Maria’s songwriting skills I immediately said yes when she asked me to join forces. Being old friends and all, it worked out really well”, says Roger.

”We complement each other with our strengths, me being the more rhythmic and sonic person, and she the more melodic and technical one”.


”We trust each others musical intuition. In some ways we are extremely different, and in some we are just alike - we’re both very curious and musically open-minded, and we are just as childish. There’s always a lot of laughter in the studio.”


Sounds like Friday is the duos Alternative Pop project. They also work together with music for film and games, under the name Grobe music.